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Specialty Food Shop

Remember when you had to eat whatever you were given, no matter where it came from or what was in it? Those days are over, because Jet’s online specialty food shop has good food for every diet and every appetite! Are you gluten-free? We have gluten free foods like gluten free pasta, gluten free desserts, and gluten free cookies, plus gluten free flour for bakers and gluten free bread, gluten free pizza, gluten free cornbread, gluten free pie crust, and gluten free banana bread for eaters. Go ahead and have a gluten free breakfast of gluten free pancakes or gluten free snacks like gluten free chocolate chip cookies for breakfast — you’re an adult, the choice is yours! Ever ask yourself “is rice gluten free” or “is oatmeal gluten free”? We don’t have the answer for that in this paragraph, but if getting gluten free foods delivered to your door is the question, we definitely have the answer to that. But if you keep kosher instead of eating gluten free foods, our selection of kosher food for people on a kosher diet makes it easy to eat kosher casual! There’s kosher meat like kosher hot dogs, kosher beef, and kosher shrimp, tasty kosher foods like kosher pizza and kosher pickles, and much more. Stock up on essentials like kosher vitamins and kosher gelatin, treat yourself to kosher marshmallows or kosher candy, and maybe even enjoy a bottle or two of kosher wine someday. (Like we said before: We’re all adults here.) Jet can also keep you set on organic food and organic foods with organic food delivery! Have an outdoor cookout with organic meats, organic beef, grass fed beef, and grass fed steak, keep your family organically healthy with organic vitamins and the best organic baby food, or just enjoy the best organic food — organic pizza, duh — without going out to the organic food stores. Jet’s specialty foods just keep on coming with vegan food, vegan meals, vegan snacks, and vegan desserts good enough to make a meat-eater’s mouth water. We’re talking vegan cheese, vegan mac and cheese, vegan soup, vegan pizza, vegan sauces, vegan chili, vegan appetizers, vegan candy, vegan cornbread, vegan cream cheese, vegan marshmallows, vegan ice cream, and vegan cheesecake. Have a brilliant vegan breakfast with vegan egg substitute, vegan French toast, vegan banana bread, and vegan pancakes. Bring vegan friends baked goods like vegan chocolate chip cookies, vegan cookies, vegan brownies, vegan pumpkin pie, vegan cupcakes, vegan sugar cookies, vegan peanut butter cookies, and vegan chocolate cake. Or go all out on vegan Italian night with vegan pasta, vegan lasagna, vegan alfredo sauce, vegan pesto, and vegan butter. To top it all off, there’s even vegan protein powder! And if you ever wondered if there’s such as thing as vegan fast food, there just might be a way to make some at Jet — you never know until you try. For people who aren’t vegan but still don’t do dairy, our dairy free diet food is dynamite! Want whipped cream without dairy? We’ve got dairy free whipped cream. Like cream cheese but can’t take lactose? Boom — dairy free cream cheese. There’s dairy free ice cream, dairy free cheese, dairy free pumpkin pie, dairy free butter, dairy free frosting, dairy free cookies, dairy free protein powder, dairy free mashed potatoes, dairy free pizza, dairy free banana bread, and dairy free brownies. Have dairy free cupcakes on your couch or dairy free yogurt on your yoga mat — your call. You can also keep the dairy and go for non GMO foods instead! There’s non GMO flour, non GMO seeds, non GMO corn tortillas, non GMO popcorn, non GMO formula, non GMO corn, non GMO soy, non GMO milk, non GMO glucose, non GMO cereal, non GMO yogurt, non GMO chips, and non GMO supplements. No matter what your specialty food might it be, Jet has it especially for you — and with prices that drop as you shop, 2-day delivery on essentials, and free shipping over $35, getting your specialty groceries has never been easier! Now go eat something special, you super-special snowflake you.