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Thanksgiving is around the corner, so it’s time to start planning! Shop to get everything you need for a great Thanksgiving dinner.

Putting together a Thanksgiving celebration is a lot of work, no matter how big or small. Heck, it can even be a bit stressful if you’re a guest, because then you have to figure out which Thanksgiving side dishes to bring for family meals or Friendsgiving. So we’re here to help make your Thanksgiving meal as easy as apple pie (which we can also help with). And if you’re hosting for more than dinner, no worries — we’ve made guest prep easy, too! (Sorry, we can’t make those guests less exhausting, but we do have Thanksgiving activities to keep them busy.)

Let’s talk turkey. For most people, the Thanksgiving turkey is the most important part of the Thanksgiving dinner menu. And no matter how you want to cook it, we’re here with the ingredients that will have everyone asking for your Thanksgiving turkey recipes (don’t worry, we’ll keep your secret). For people who think turkey is for the birds, we also have plenty of vegetarian Thanksgiving and vegan Thanksgiving ideas, too. That includes all sorts of Thanksgiving sides and Thanksgiving appetizers, so everyone will be happy, even your picky uncle who never cooks, but still criticizes everyone else’s hard work.

You know what we really love about Thanksgiving? Right, yes, family and friends are important... but we were really talking about Thanksgiving desserts. Our holiday baking supply section has ingredients for Thanksgiving menu staples, so your sweet Thanksgiving dishes are covered. By the way, here’s a tip for you: start eating pie ASAP, before the tryptophan and Thanksgiving cocktails set in and you miss dessert. Remember: the day’s big goal is to pick out a great Thanksgiving outfit, and then eat so much good food it feels like you’re going to burst out of it.

Also quite crucial is creating Thanksgiving crafts to fill your home with festive holiday joy. Thanksgiving decorations run the gamut, from hand turkeys to centerpieces, to cover all kinds of celebrations. By the way, Thanksgiving table decor lasts way longer than the Thanksgiving meal, so they’re definitely a solid investment. Just be sure nobody throws them around when they’re all hyped up watching Thanksgiving football.

Whether you want to order Thanksgiving dinner or just find some great Thanksgiving dinner ideas, is here to help this Thanksgiving. And with free shipping over $35 and 2-day shipping on thousands of items, you’ll spend less time worrying, and more time having fun with family and friends — and that’s the best reason to be grateful!