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From snacks to supplies, keep the essentials on hand and discover new favorites.

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Find trending styles and wardrobe staples just in time for the new season.

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Make city living stylish with small-space decor and premium appliances.

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Complete your routine with everyday essentials and luxe upgrades.

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Shop curated brands and city essentials, all in one place.

Groceries? Wardrobe refresh? Tech upgrade? Even if your list is all over the place, you don’t have to be. From athleisure to pet supplies, get all your online shopping done here.

Going out for groceries can feel daunting with all the commuting and schlepping. But hey, you have to eat. Give online grocery shopping a try and avoid the stress (and lines) altogether. Not only is it a major timesaver, our wide variety of pantry staples and meal solutions make shopping for meals fun, so that a grocery delivery feels less like a chore and more like a present. Even your regular household items like soap and toilet paper, which only run out at the most inconvenient times, are ready on your schedule.

Maybe it’s your turn to have game night, but you need a little help unleashing your inner host. Discover the latest in fashion and beauty supplies to create a hosting look that says to your guests, “Why yes, I did put this charcuterie spread together and good eye, those are new decorative mirrors. Thanks for noticing.”

Perhaps it’s finally time for a tech upgrade, but you’ve put it off. With our curated electronics store, featuring top brands like Apple, Bose, and Canon, you never have to worry about quality, only what best fits your lifestyle. While you’re upgrading your electronics, you might as well pick up a couple new things for your place, too. Pair that new speaker with a nice set of barware or a KitchenAid stand mixer. Because it’s the little things that’ll help your guests feel at home during that theoretical game night you’re hosting.

Whether you’re searching for local brands, familiar favorites, or even discovering something new, let your online shopping begin—and end—at Jet.

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